Dental Implant Deception

I had a full mouth reconstruction. Much of it was done with dental crowns, but quite a few teeth required dental implants. All of my teeth were either extracted or ground down to nubs to make way for the new teeth. Since its completion, my crowns have been falling off, including those from the implants. I’d say only half the crowns are left. I had tried contacting my dentist several times, to no avail. When I finally went down there, the place was deserted. It’s like they all just left. I don’t know what to do.


Dear Melanie,

dental implant diagram

It appears you have been taken in by a crook who realized he was about to get caught and skipped town. While you have a great case for malpractice, you’d actually have to locate the dentist first. None of this helps your immediate case.

You are probably in a lot of pain trying to eat. What you need is teeth. I’m going to suggest you see another implant dentist to have this repaired. Given your situation, I am sure you will find someone compassionate who will be willing to work with you financially while you get this repaired.

Don’t be tempted to find the cheapest dentist or you can end up in a similar situation. Find a dentist with post-doctoral training in dental implants and go from there.

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