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Looking for a cheap new smile

I have discolored front teeth and two chipped teeth from when I fell. My dentist fixed them several years ago and while they were fixed, the color sticks out as being different from the rest of the teeth. I want to fix the discoloration on both my natural teeth and the bonded teeth. My dentist suggested porcelain veneers which colors the whole tooth, but the price is pretty hefty. Is there a way to get a uniform smile cheaper?


Dear David,

before and after dental bonding

I am very glad you wrote. First, your dentist does not need to do either bonding or porcelain veneers on you for your smile makeover. I posted a picture above that shows how dental bonding should blend in naturally when done correctly. If he can’t do dental bonding, he cannot do porcelain veneers well either.

If you want to go cheap, I would not suggest veneers. The good news is that you won’t need them if they only thing you are concerned about is the discoloration. This can easily and affordably be fixed in two steps.

The first step would be to get your teeth whitened. Any dentist can do this, even yours. It is the easiest cosmetic procedure around. Once that is done, the next step will be to get your dental bonding replaced. However, I do not recommend you have your normal dentist do this. He doesn’t have the skills and/or materials to match the bonding to your natural tooth structure. Instead, I want you to go to someone with cosmetic dentistry training. Look at their smile galleries to see what type of results they get. Also, see if they have someone on staff who is AACD accredited. That would be ideal.

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problems with bonding

I have sensitivity in my teeth due to missing gum tissue my dentist called abfraction lesions. We decided to do cosmetic bonding to fill in the missing coverage. The color on these is all wrong and it is obvious where my natural tooth is and the bonding starts. They’re also not smooth so the texture is off and uncomfortable. While it did take care of the sensitivity issue, I’d like it to not be uncomfortable and ideally to even blend into my tooth. Can they be removed and re-done or am I stuck with them?


Dear Arnold,

Image of teeth with abfraction lesions

For the benefit of those who may not be aware, I’d like to talk about abfraction lesions quickly. In the image above, you see the enamel is worn away at the gumline. Dentists used to think this was from aggressive tooth brushing. While that can be a factor, we now feel it has more to do with the clenching of your teeth.

When you clench your teeth, they flex at the gumline. This wears away the enamel at that location. With the enamel missing that area can be quite sensitive. I understand why you wanted to have it repaired.

This should have been within the ability of most dentists so I’m sorry you’re facing such a poorly done job. You have two choices here. First, you could ask your dentist to re-do the dental bonding and give him another chance, if you think he has the skills to do it.

If you’re not sure he is up to the job, then you can ask him to pay for the repairs. Any of the dentists listed on their “Find a cosmetic dentist” list on .

If you decide to go with your dentist again, which is perfectly fine, I am going to make one suggestion. Because of the clenching, you will need to make sure he uses a flexible material. If he uses stiff material, it is likely to pop out.

I’d also look into getting a night guard. Much of the clenching is likely done at night when you’re unaware it is happening. Wearing a nightguard your dentist custom fits to your bite will protect your teeth from any further damage.

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