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What to do About a Huge Tooth GAp

I have a gap in my two front teeth. It is substantially large enough for another tooth to fit there. Would getting Lumineers help? They could make each of the teeth a little wider. One dentist recommended that. Another recommended orthodontics. I really don’t want braces though.


Dear Angie,

Invisalign Dental Aligner

I am trying to imagine that dentist thinking that extending your teeth out that far will look in any way normal if that gap is as large as I’m picturing. I wish I had a picture.

I will say that dentists who suggest Lumineers are not usually in the top tier of cosmetic dentists. That particular brand of porcelain veneers is often marketed to inexperienced cosmetic dentists as being easy to place. The type of cosmetic case you are describing is very advanced and would take the best of the best in cosmetic dentists. I wouldn’t let anyone except an AACD accredited dentist touch that.

However, that doesn’t mean you’ll have to have traditional metal and wire brackets. Orthodontics have come a LONG way. These days, you can get Invisalign. Instead of wires and brackets, they use clear aligners. These are invisible even at a conversational distance.

This will allow you to straighten your teeth without anyone noticing. If you want, the aligners can even double as teeth whitening trays which allows you to straighten and whiten your teeth at the same time.

It looks to me like you need to seek out a third dentist if the one who suggested orthodontics didn’t offer Invisalign, unless there is something else about your bite that wasn’t mentioned. If it is a simple matter of a gap then it is the perfect solution.

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Can I Close My Tooth Gap Without Invisalign?

I wanted to close a tooth gap. I wanted to do it with cosmetic dentistry, but my dentist wants to do orthodontics. Isn’t there a cosmetic way to do it?

Amanda L. – Idaho


Yes, there are a couple of cosmetic options to close a tooth gap without orthodontics. Two cosmetic options are dental bonding and porcelain veneers.

Dental bonding is the most logical if all you want to do is close the gap.  A cosmetic dentist will use a composite resin to fill in the tooth gap.

Porcelain veneers are a bit of an overtreatment for simply closing a tooth gap. But, if you had several changes you wanted to change about your smile, such as the shape, size, and color it would make more sense.

However, let me give you a small word of caution. If your dentist didn’t suggest either of those, it’s likely because he’s not confident in cosmetic procedures. You’ll want to find a skilled cosmetic dentist.

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Can porcelain veneers fix a tooth gap?

If I have a tooth gap between my center top front teeth, can porcelain veneers close the gap?

Lucy P – North Dakota


Yes, porcelain veneers can close a tooth gap. However, unless there are other things about your teeth you’d like to change, there is a less expensive fix.

Dental bonding is a simple way to close a tooth gap. It uses composite resin. Your dentist will manually shape it to your teeth, blending it to look naturally with your front teeth.

Porcleian veneers are better for a total smile makeover.  They can change the shape, size, and color of your teeth. They can completely remake your smile.

However, they do cost more than bonding. Which procedure you should get will be determined by your goals and desires for your smile.

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