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Zoom Whitening After Gum Surgery

I had gum surgery to fix some recessive areas. I love the results, but now am wanting to improve my smile even more. Is it possible to get zoom whitening done or do I need to wait for a period of time?


Dear Kelly,

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Congrats on the gum procedure and feeling good about your smile! That is exciting. I can understand the desire to keep improving the appearance. Once you get a taste of beauty, you just want to do what you can.

You did not mention which gum grafting procedure you had done. Different ones have a varied amount of healing requirements because of the differences in invasiveness. Typically, you need between four to eight weeks of healing before you are ready for any other oral procedure.

With teeth whitening, such as Zoom Whitening, it is important that you pass the following checkpoints:

  • No missing fillings or even damaged fillings
  • No active, untreated decay
  • No gum issues, including periodontal disease and gum injury

Additionally, you will have wanted to have a recent cleaning. Otherwise, you risk splotchy results from calculus being on the surface of the teeth.

I would simply have a consultation appointment with your dentist to see if your oral health is ready for the next step. You’ll find your smile’s appearance improves dramatically once you have them whitened, taking years off your appearance.

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Dental Flap Surgery

My dentist is recommending I see a periodontist for dental flap surgery. What is Dental Flap Surgery?

Thanks, Gloria

Dear Gloria,

Flap surgery is recommended when root planing and scaling are not enough to treat moderate to severe periodontal disease in eliminating the pocket. This surgical procedure is done with a local anesthetic and the gums are loosened around the tooth and bone to thoroughly clean the roots of the tooth removing tarter and diseased tissue. Because periodontal disease causes the bone to deteriorate around the tooth, most of the time during flap surgery the bone is reshaped to help the tissue heal properly. If the bone is severely damaged synthetic bone or cadaver bone is placed around the tooth to help bone grow back. Your tissue is then sutured back into place and usually covered with a periodontal pack or gauze to protect the area. After a week your sutures will most likely be removed by the periodontist.

This procedure can take up to three hours to complete, depending on the severity of periodontal disease and the sites being treated. Antibiotics and pain medication are usually prescribed following this procedure to help with infection and ease any discomfort. Twenty four hours after surgery it’s usually recommended to swish with salt water rinses to reduce swelling. If swelling is not reduced over a few days place ice packs on the side of your face where the procedure was completed to help reduce the inflamed site. Make sure you maintain good oral hygiene by brushing and flossing regularly but be gentle. Eat soft foods and as the area heals you can put more solid foods back into your diet.

Post courtesy of Dr. Malone, Lafayette Louisiana Cosmetic Dentist