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what is essential treatment?

I know during this time of quarantine that we all have to do our part. I’ve been doing very well and not going anywhere. Unfortunately, I took a spill down our stairs and ended up chipping a tooth. Would this be considered an essential treatment? I feel silly. I know it is just a chip but it is bugging me.


Dear Camille,

a before and after picture of dental bonding for a chipped tooth.

The CDC hasn’t listed what procedures and treatments are considered essential and what isn’t. For the most part, they expect us to avoid routine procedures. If it were just a cosmetic issue alone, I would say you would need to wait until the quarantine is over.

However, based on what you said, there is more to this than just cosmetics. You took a fall which caused the damage. There could be underlying trauma to the tooth which needs immediate treatment. Sometimes the ligament can be stretched and if you don’t splint the tooth you can end up with a tooth that comes loose. Other times, the trauma is so severe, the pulp of the tooth dies and you need a root canal treatment.

Under normal circumstances, I’d suggest you call your dentist and ask him to squeeze you in for an emergency dental appointment. In this case, the only appointments are for situations like yours.

If you’re going to need an emergency appointment. This is the perfect time!

Getting the Chipped Fixed

If it turns out there is not damage from the trauma that requires immediate treatment, then your dentist can likely go ahead and fix the chipped tooth. I mean…you’re already there.

The ideal solution for this is to have dental bonding done. You can see an example of that in the image above. I will warn you. It does take an expert cosmetic dentist. If your dentist isn’t one, my suggestion is you see him for the trauma. Then, once the virus calms down, see an AACD accredited dentist to do the bonding to repair the chip to your tooth.

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I chipped a front tooth, can it be grow back?

I chipped one of my front teeth, but it still has the root and is a minor chip. I was wondering if adult teeth can be re-grown.

Thanks Aaron

Dear Aaron,

Unfortunately teeth that become chipped or broken do not grow back. If the chip is small your dentist will most likely place a white colored filling best known as dental bonding where the chip was and make your tooth look natural again. Sometimes when chips are so small cosmetic contouring is a good option. This is accomplished by taking a drill or laser and reshaping your chipped tooth. Usually when this procedure is done minor reshaping on your other front teeth is required as well to make your smile look more uniform. This is a very inexpensive quick procedure that requires no anesthetic.

The longer you let your chipped tooth go untreated the more prone you are to chipping the tooth even more with the possibility of having to have a porcelain veneer or porcelain crown placed. These two types of permanent restorations are more expensive than dental bonding and cosmetic contouring as well as take a longer time in the chair and more trips to the dental office. We recommend you consult your dentist to see what treatment option is best for you.

Post courtesy of Dr. Malone, Lafayette Louisiana Cosmetic Dentist