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My Aligners are Curled

I did the stupidest thing and I am too embarrassed to ask my dentist about it. I’ve been wearing Invisalign and really like the treatment. However, I was going to lunch with some old college friends and one of them was someone I was always competing against. I didn’t want to take out my Invisalign in front of her, so I just took them out in the car and popped them in the glove box. I wasn’t thinking about it and we all went out to a movie afterward, then drinks. We carpooled, so by the time I got back to my car the aligners were warped and curled in the back. They fit snuggly. Can I just wear them like this or do I have to call my dentist? I just find it embarrassing.


Dear Laura,

Invisalign aligners
Invisalign Aligner

Don’t be embarrassed. We’ve all left stuff in the car before that we probably shouldn’t. While very durable, one of the things that can be damaging to Invisalign aligners is prolonged exposure to heat. You do not want to keep wearing the curled aligners. The Invisalign procedure is based on small movements. You do not want drastic movements which will happen if you wear the deformed aligners and then go to the next set.

If you were just starting that pair of aligners, you can wear your previous pair a new set can be made for you. It’s possible you can go to the next set, but before doing that you really need to see your dentist and have him look at the situation. I know you feel embarrassed, but honestly, you do not need to. I promise you, things like this happen all the time and your dentist is not judging you.

Whitening While You Straighten

As you have to see your dentist anyway, I thought I’d fill you in on this hidden benefit to Invisalign. Your aligners can double as teeth whitening trays, allowing you to straighten and whiten your teeth at the same time. Your dentist can provide you with professional strength teeth whitening gel that you can just wear in your aligners at a time that is convenient to you each day. By the time you are done with your Invisalign treatment, you will have a mini smile makeover with straight, white teeth.

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