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Does Cosmetic Work “Grow on You”?

I’m trying to make a big decision. I paid a fortune to get porcelain veneers. These were supposed to be my dream smile. My dentist and I went over exactly what I wanted and he seemed to think it would be wonderful. When they came in, they looked fake. He wanted to bond them on but I could tell by how they looked when he showed them to me I wasn’t going to like them. I asked for a try-in. I’d read about those. He allowed me to do that and it confirmed my fears. They looked fake, bulky and chalky white. I told him I didn’t like them. He said that’s a common reaction because patients aren’t used to how they look with the new “teeth”. He said they’ll grow on me and I’ll come to love them. I told him I need to think about it. I’m just not sure I want a smile that has to grow on me. I was expecting one I’d love. Be honest with me. Am I overreacting? Will it grow on me?


Dear Maggie,

Woman covering her mouth with hand.
A smile makeover from a great cosmetic dentist will make you want to share your smile—not hide it.

You are certainly NOT overreacting. In fact, you’re being pretty understanding given the circumstances. You were also wise to have asked for a temporary try-in of your porcelain veneers. If he’d have bonded them on, it would have been permanent.

My first thought is your dentist isn’t a true cosmetic dentist. There are a few things which draw me to this conclusion. First, when he said, “that’s a common reaction”, I was glad I wasn’t drinking anything because I would have spit it out. Maybe with his patients that is a common reaction, but it’s certainly not so for artistic cosmetic dentists. Most of the time their patients are absolutely thrilled with the results.

That leads me to the second reason. When a skilled cosmetic dentist does have a patient that isn’t thrilled, they certainly wouldn’t tell them they would “get used to it”. They go back to the drawing board. They wouldn’t stop until the patient was absolutely in love with their new smile.

The third reason is he didn’t suggest trying them in first. YOU had to suggest that. I would give him a couple of choices. First, he could give you a refund and let you have your smile makeover done by a more skilled cosmetic dentist or he can re-do the case until you are satisfied with the results.

Finding an Expert Cosmetic Dentist

Let’s say you decide you want to go to a different cosmetic dentist. How do you go about finding the right dentist who can actually design the smile of your dreams?

The easiest way is to do that is to use the search link on the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry’s website (aacd.com). When you use their search tool, make sure you check that you’re looking for an accredited dentist.

These are the ones who proven both their technical knowledge and artistic ability.

I hope this helps.
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Unhappy with porcelain veneers

My daughter had four porcelain veneers placed on her front teeth to help with some crookedness. We couldn’t do orthodontics because of some previous damage. He was afraid the teeth couldn’t take the movement. Unfortunately neither she nor I are happy with the results. They just don’t look as natural as we were led to believe, yet our dentist insists they look gorgeous. We didn’t even get to see them before he bonded them on. Can we get our money back? Why do people rave about porcelain veneers if they look so fake?

Desiree B. from Boston


Actually, porcelain veneers, when done artistically, look fantastic. I suspect your dentist is not a true cosmetic dentist. One of the problems with cosmetic dentistry is that any general dentist can call themselves a cosmetic just by learning a few procedure. Unfortunately, it takes significant post graduate training to become artistic enough to make porcelain veneers not only natural, but beautiful.

A true cosmetic dentist would try on the veneers with a temporary paste and let you look at them in several different lights. They would want to be sure you were absolutely thrilled with them before they bonded them on permanently. Another thing that makes me suspect your dentist isn’t a true cosmetic dentist is that he tried to convince you the veneers were beautiful. In dental school we are taught the dentist knows best. But, when it comes to cosmetic dentistry it is the patient who knows best. We are treating your self esteem. If you don’t love them, it’s not done.

As far as getting your money back, that might be tricky. If the only thing wrong with them is you don’t like their appearance, he has no legal obligation to give you your money back. You could try.  I would also go to a truly qualified cosmetic dentist and get a second opinion. If at all possible, go to a dentist outside of your area and don’t tell him who the dentist was. See if the second dentist thinks the work was done poorly. That may help your case.