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CEREC crown keeps falling out

I needed a dental crown. My dentist told me about a new kind of crown he’s doing called a CEREC crown. I liked the idea of not needing a temporary crown and agreed. The problem I’ve been having though is it keeps falling out. ┬áIs this because it is a CEREC crown instead of a regular one? My dentist has put it back in three times.

Barry B. – Conway, AR


No, the problem isn’t the CEREC crown. In fact, because they are milled by a computer, they are generally more accurate in their shape than a traditional dental crown.

To be honest, if the bonding procedure is done correctly, there is absolutely no reason for the crown to fall off. It sounds like the problem is really with your dentist.

One suggestion would be if the crown falls off again, see if you can get a different dentist to bond it on for you. Explain that your dentist has done it several times.

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