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Why doesn’t my CEREC crown match?

I’ve had crowns placed before and they’ve always matched my teeth.  My new dentist uses something called CEREC crowns. When he placed it, it doesn’t match. Is that an issue with CEREC crowns.  He said it’s made of porcelain. Is that why it’s much whiter than my other teeth?

Sammie M. – Dayton, OH


It’s not that you’ve got a CEREC crown that is causing it not to match. It’s more that your dentist didn’t match them.  Porcelain can be made to any color your dentist needed, so the material isn’t the problem either.

You have a few options. One is to leave it as is. But, if you wanted that you wouldn’t have been writing me in the first place.  The next is to have the rest of your teeth whitened to match the whiter CEREC crown. The problem with that will be your toher crowns.  Teeth whitening only works on natural teeth, so your crowns will not whiten.  You would have to have them re-done to match your new crown as well.

Your final option is to see if your dentist would be willing to re-do the crown to better match your current natural color.

I realize none of these options are that great. It’s important that when it comes to any type of cosmetics you go to a dentist who not only has the technical skill, but an artistic eye to match your teeth.

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CEREC crown keeps falling out

I needed a dental crown. My dentist told me about a new kind of crown he’s doing called a CEREC crown. I liked the idea of not needing a temporary crown and agreed. The problem I’ve been having though is it keeps falling out.  Is this because it is a CEREC crown instead of a regular one? My dentist has put it back in three times.

Barry B. – Conway, AR


No, the problem isn’t the CEREC crown. In fact, because they are milled by a computer, they are generally more accurate in their shape than a traditional dental crown.

To be honest, if the bonding procedure is done correctly, there is absolutely no reason for the crown to fall off. It sounds like the problem is really with your dentist.

One suggestion would be if the crown falls off again, see if you can get a different dentist to bond it on for you. Explain that your dentist has done it several times.

This blog is brought to you by Louisiana Cosmetic Dentist Dr. Mike Malone.