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South America or Clear Choice?

I was thinking of going to Clear Choice Dental Implants. They want to do all-on-four dental implants which would not require any bone grafting. That sounds okay, but a friend of mine that went there said she had no follow-up and had a complication that required her to go to her regular dentist to have it fixed. I have another choice of going to Mexico where I can have bone grafting and implant overdentures for less than what Clear Choice is offering for the lesser procedure. Which do you think is the better option for me?


Dear Leslie,

Implant Overdentures

I am glad you wrote. I want to make sure you understand that if you go to Mexico, you are not likely to get any follow-up either. Another thing to consider is that while the care is cheaper there, it is up to each dentist what type of standards they hold to. They do not have the same regulations we have in the United States. That even includes sanitation. There are no laws that say a dentist has to sanitize their equipment between patients. While some dentists will be diligent and careful others will not. If you develop an infection, not only will your case fail, but you will risk serious complications.

My sincere suggestion is you see a skilled implant dentist in the states. If you want the all-on-four procedure, that is fine. The problem most people have with Clear Choice is not usually their dentists. They are usually qualified. The issues I have with them are their high-pressure sales tactics as well as their tendency to do a one-size-fits-all type of care. Not everyone needs all-on-four. Plus, with that procedure, if one dental implant in the unit fails, the whole thing has to be completely re-done.

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Is there a procedure that uses both dental implants and a bridge?

I have a space where an adult tooth never came in, have no insurance, and I need something to fill in the gap. The gap seems a little too small to have an implant but I’m not quite sure. I am wondering if there is another way that I can receive an implant together with a bridge? Or if implants can be placed no matter what the space is?

Thanks, Tony

Dear Tony,

There are instances when a dental implant is connected to a dental bridge, however this is not necessary in your case. You have one  missing tooth so your dental options would be either a dental implant or a dental bridge, but not both. However if your space is too small for an implant or a bridge you might be a good candidate for Invisalign, depending on the space location. Invisalign is clear braces and if your teeth are not quite perfect this might be your best option to close the space and have straight teeth. Without insurance a dental bridge can cost up to several thousand dollars and usually takes two appointments completed over a three week period of time. A dental implant from start to finish cost anywhere from $4000 on up and takes approximately six months from the initial placement of the implant to having the crown put on the implant. Invisiline treatment is anywhere from 18 to 24 months and can cost roughly $5000. We recommend you consult a dentist about what treatment options would be best for you, your budget, and your time.

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What to expect with a tooth implant surgery?

I’m getting a tooth implant surgery tomorrow in the front and I was wondering exactly what to expect.  I’m getting IV sedation so I know during the procedure it won’t be too bad, but how bad of pain will I experience in the days after? Do people swell or bruise with this surgery? And are you able to go back to school quickly? And one more question… A little later after the surgery do you think I could go shopping? I’m getting the surgery done in a city so it would be kind of nice if I could.

Thanks, Haley

Dear Haley,

A dental implant is a great choice especially for an anterior tooth because it will feel and look natural. You may have some discomfort however your dentist will probably prescribe some medication to help ease the pain. Make sure you take your medicine on a full stomach since pain medications can cause nausea and you will want to take it within a couple hours after your surgery.

Due to the fact that you’re being sedated during the procedure, we recommend that you go home and rest afterward. IV sedation can make one drowsy and you may experience some nausea therefore you should put off shopping for the day. Most patients feel back to normal after about 8 hours following the procedure however you should resume your normal routine when you feel comfortable. You should be able to return to school the next day, however that all depends on your pain tolerance and comfort level. There will be some pain but with each passing day the pain subsides.

Swelling is somewhat common to the mouth and cheeks however the severity depends on the surgery. If you are having bone grafting as well you may notice more swelling along with some bruising however usually 2 or 3 days after your surgery. Its best after surgery to put ice packs on your face where the implant was placed to help reduce any swelling that might occur at least for the first 24 hours.

Post courtesy of Dr. Malone, Lafayette Louisiana Cosmetic Dentist

Is Clear Choice a good place to go for dental implants?

I was planning on attending a presentation being held at the local senior center about Clear Choice, but I heard they have had a lot of consumer complaints. I am retired, and on a very tight budget. I do not want to even waste my time going to the presentation if this company is not on the up and up. Can you give me any insight as to whether or not Clear Choice is ethical?

Thanks for your time.

Russel in Cripple Creek

Dear Russel,

We cannot empirically state that all Clear Choice dental implant centers are unethical, though many of what seem to be standard practices for them are highly questionable. Every center is obviously different, with different staff members, and different strengths and weaknesses. The stories that are emerging from people who have had evaluations or attended seminars seem to indicate that salesmanship and marketing are heavily emphasized within the entire Clear Choice organization, and those two priorities make the risk of poor dental health care choices very high. We are especially concerned with the consistent reports of treatment plans that recommend that ALL teeth be removed as part of the treatment. This is almost NEVER a good idea. If you do get a treatment plan from a Clear Choice facility, I would strongly recommend getting a second opinion.

Our best advice to you would be to find a dentist in your area who has experience, training, and credentials in dental implantdentistry. Look for a general dentist or prosthodontist that has several years of experience. A fellowship or membership in the International College of Oral Implantologists or the American Academy of Implant Dentistry is also a good sign. This Detroit cosmetic dentist has impeccable credentials – this will give you some idea of what to look for in a dentist in your area.