Discolored Porcelain Veneer

My daughter is in college and still has several weeks before she gets out for the summer. A couple of years ago she had eight porcelain veneers placed on her upper teeth. Last summer she chipped one in a biking accident. Our dentist decided the solution was to shorten the tooth to even out the chip. That also meant shortening the tooth next to it so they’d match. This was not ideal and changed the character of her smile. A few months later, the tooth began to turn dark. We brought her in over the Christmas break but the dentist insists we’re being too picky and he doesn’t see anything wrong with it. When I pushed back against that a little, he told me that he is the cosmetic specialist and knows color better than I do. I mean, sure, he’s the dentist, but I did learn how to match colors in kindergarten and this tooth looks different. There is  now a weird blue/green tint to the tooth and we’re worried the veneer is going to fall off before she can get home. Of course, I think we’ll need a new dentist to do any thing about it, which is frustrating because I feel certain he’s the one who damaged it and should repair it. Do you have any recommendations for us? Should we get her to a dentist near her school or can it wait until she is home in a few weeks?


Dear Sandy,

Leaky porcelain veneers
The bluish color on these temporary porcelain veneers are an example of leaky veneers in their early stages.

The blue/green color to me indicates that the veneer is leaking. Does it look a bit like the ones above? That happens when the bond between the tooth and the porcelain veneers is failing.  While it will fail at some point, it is better to let it fall off than to force it.

If the porcelain veneers falls out while she is at school, I would look for an AACD accredited dentist that can get her in for an emergency appointment and bond her veneer back on safely.  While there is no such thing as a specialty in cosmetic dentistry. AACD accredited dentists have proven expertise and artistry. With you away, this is one way for you to feel confident she is in qualified hands.

I also agree that another dentist is in order for your family. The way he rudely discounted your concerns is unprofessional.

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