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Warped My Invisalign Aligners

I took out my Invisalign aligners in order to brush my teeth. I didn’t realize that I’d laid them down where they were touching my curling iron. Now part of them is melted and warped. What do I do?

Nesibe A. – Houston, TX


Accidents happen and your dentist has seen every kind of accident imaginable. Don’t wear the warped Invisalign aligners. It will set back your treatment. Instead, call your dentist. He’ll make new aligners for you.

If you’re toward the beginning of this particular two-week block, he’ll just start that block over, making the exact same aligners. If, however, you’re closer to the end of your two-week block, then your dentist will likely just move you on to the next set.

It’s safe to do that once or twice, but you wouldn’t want to do it too often. It won’t be great for the roots of your teeth. Generally, your teeth need the full two weeks to give the roots time to stabilize and bone to re-form over the new position.

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I damaged my aligner-what do I do?

I drank a bunch of hot tea when I was with friends.  Now my aligner is warped. What do I do?

Rhonda W. – Montana


I would go see your dentist and let him look at your aligner. Worse case scenario is he makes you a new one, but go in as soon as possible or it will throw off your treatment plan.

Using Invisalign doesn’t mean you cannot drink tea. Just don’t do it while you have on your aligners. You’ve already learned that the heat can warp them.  What you may not know is that it can seriously damage your tooth enamel. It is likely that the tea will pool in your aligner.  The sugar and other acids in the tea will eat away at your enamel.

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