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Is It Really Worth It to Go to The Dentist When the Economy is so Bad?

The economy where we live is really bad. My husband’s been out of work for two years now.  We’re trying to save money anywhere we can. In a bad economy, is it really necessary to go to the dentist twice a year?

Laura L. – Miami


I completely understand the dilemma you’re in. The economy in Louisiana has been hit hard. We’re watching people lose homes they’ve lived in for years.

You’re asking if it’s OK to cut back to one check-up a year. I’m going to give you a very non-committal answer. It really depends. Before you roll your eyes, I’ll explain further.

Some people have naturally healthy teeth. They go their whole lives without a cavity. Feel free to hate those people as much as I hate people with a high metabolism.  If you’re one of the people with naturally healthy teeth that never has any issue, then temporarily cutting back to once a year, may not do any harm.

But, if you’re one of the people with a normal mouth, it’s a gamble. IF you don’t go in regularly, you risk costing yourself a lot more money. Regular check-ups can prevent cavities. It can also catch them early enough where you might only need a tiny filling. Put it off, you’ll end up paying for a root canal and dental crown.

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