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When Can We Stop Going to the Dentist?

We’ve always been very diligent about going to the dentist. Our children have never had cavities. Recently, my husband was laid off. Is it OK for us to skip the dentists for a while, just until he’s found a new job?

Mindy  – Ft. Worth, TX


I understand your question completely. Here in Louisiana, the oil industry as been hit pretty hard and a lot of people are without work.  One of the things dentists tend to notice is that when people try to save money by skipping their check-ups and cleanings, they end up spending more. Here’s why.

Especially in children,  things can change quickly with the condition of teeth. Without regular check ups, early warning signs of decay are likely to get missed. That means more extensive (and expensive) treatments are necessary.

My suggestion, during this time of financial difficulty, is to talk to your dentist and work out payment plans. There are even no interest payment plans.

Dentists want to help people. Communication is the key.

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