My lip is catching on my Lumineers

I recently got Lumineers and, while I like how they look, I am having problems speaking. My lip keeps getting caught on the Lumineers. What can be done to fix this?
– Joy

This is one of the problems with the technique that is promoted for doing Lumineers. It sounds wonderful to be able to bond on a new smile with no anesthetic and no shaving of the teeth before the porcelain veneers are put on. But then people get these problems.

When Lumineers are placed on the teeth without first shaving the teeth back about half a millimeter, they will end up thickening the teeth. And even a slight thickening can make them look a little bulky and can cause problems like this with your lip. I think it would be embarrassing to have your lip keep sticking on your teeth when you talk.

You just have to decide if this is bothering you enough to want to have these re-done.

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