Deep Cleaning has Left Me in Terrible Pain

I’m 53 years old and never had a problem with my teeth until I had a deep cleaning done because I was told I have deep gap pockets. The procedure itself was nightmarish and I never want to go through that again. However, ever since the cleaning my teeth are sensitive and hurt all the time. I think I made a mistake in having this done. Is there anything I can do?


Dear Pamela,

A woman grabbing her jaw in pain, in need of emergency dental care

It sounds like you have advanced periodontal disease. If it does not get taken care of soon, you could lose your teeth. The disease will eat away at the bone that supports your teeth. Most deep cleanings are done with an anesthetic so that the patient does not experience the pain you described during the procedure. I would recommend you see another dentist to have this completed. Call a periodontist. These are gum specialists. Tell them about your situation and they can probably get you an urgent care appointment.

The post-operative pain tells me you have an active infection. One way to deal with this is by having a course of antibiotics during the duration of your treatment. This will help keep the infection at least in check while the periodontist gets everything cleaned out. Let them know about the pain you experienced in your last deep cleaning so they can be sure to give you the right amount of anesthetic so this doesn’t happen to you again.

I know you are probably leery of any treatment right now after your last experience, but I cannot emphasize enough how important this is. I wasn’t kidding when I said you could lose your teeth. Please see that periodontist as soon as possible.

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