Can I switch to invisalign if I already have glasses?

I’ve got regular braces, but I hate them.  They hurt all the time. They keep catching on my lip and it bleeds. Is it too late for me to get invisalign because I’ve already got braces. My mom says its probably too late, but I wanted to check.

Les D. – Missouri


It’s not too late. Your dentist can still give you invisalign, if your bite is a good candidate for the procedure. I’d have that checked before you seriously consider having your braces removed.  You don’t want to remove them only to have to put them back.

Most people find Invisalign to be much more comfortable than traditional braces. You certainly won’t have to worry about it cutting your lips.

It will be important you wear the  aligners for the amount of time required or the treatment will be ineffective.

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