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Why would I need to do two procedures to get pretty teeth?

I want to have my teeth much whiter. I also have one front tooth that is a little crooked. Not much. I was told by a friend that porcelain veneers would take care of both of these things, but my dentist wants me to have ortho done and then veneers. Why would I need two procedures?

Jermaine – San Jose, CA


You question leaves me wondering if there’s something unique about your bite that your dentist is recommending both procedures; because, you’re right, generally you would either do porcelain veneers or invisalign, not both.

Invisalign will straighten your tooth and ensure your other teeth are in proper alignment. You could also whiten them simultaneously. Your invisalign trays can double as whitening trays.

Porcelain veneers are a better option if you want to change more about your smile than just color or crookedness. For instance,  if you wanted to change there shape as well, I’d definitely recommend veneers.

If I were in your place I’d get a second opinion by a highly experienced, artistic cosmetic dentist. Ideally, you’d want someone who is accredited with the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD). If you don’t have one of those nearby, you can go on the mynewsmile.com website. They recommend expert cosmetic dentists by area.

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Why doesn’t my CEREC crown match?

I needed another crown. My new dentist (from my new city) suggested a CEREC crown. I was all for the one appointment thing, but was disappointed in the results. My other crowns match my teeth. My CEREC doesn’t. It’s obviously different from the rest of my smile. Is that a CEREC drawback?

Tatiana M. – Arkansas


CEREC crowns can definitely match your teeth. I suspect the problem is your new dentist. It’s the dentist who does the coloring and other details of how the crown will look.

Though your dentist may be technically proficient, that doesn’t mean he has the artistic skill. That is a completely different skill set and often requires much different training than you get in dental school.

It sounds like your old dentist had that ability and your new dentist doesn’t. You may have to go somewhere else to have the crown re-done if you want it to match your other teeth.

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What’s the real difference between a pediatric dentist and a regular dentist?

There is a pediatric dentist in my town, but he is pretty pricey. Plus, I find his personality a little too abrasive for my taste.  Is there really a significant difference between a regular dentist and a pediatric dentist?

Emily J. – Montana


A pediatric dentist does two extra years of dental training that are specific to children.  Therefore, some parents choose to go to a specialist because the added training gives them peace of mind.  However, many parents have found that there child was more receptive at their regular family dentist.

A general dentist is qualified to treat children.  The advantages are the dentist treats the whole family, which gives him some insight into the dental genetics of your family and can keep an eye out for issues that are unique to your family.

If any treatment issues arise that require a specialist, your family dentist could easily give you a referral to someone else as needed.

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Should I go somewhere else to get a CEREC crown?

My dentist told me I needed a dental crown.  We scheduled an appointment, but after talking to my nephew, I’m wondering if I should go to a different dentist in order to get a CEREC crown?  He loves his.

Nellie D. – Washington


The difference between a CEREC crown and a traditional crown is twofold: 1. Where they’re milled and 2. The turn-around time.

A CEREC crown can be great, but what matters the most is the artistry of the dentist. So, if your dentist is artistic, you’ll get a great crown no matter which method is chosen. You’ll want a crown that looks both natural and beautiful.

If getting a crown the same day means a lot to you, ask your dentist if he has a CEREC machine, or another one similar, available. If he doesn’t, you’ll have to make a decision as to whether your dentist’s skill outweighs the  desire to not have two appointments.  A skilled dentist could make a beautiful crown no matter where is it milled.

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Can you kiss with Invisalign?

I’m getting Invisalign teen and am wondering if I’ll still be ale to kiss my boyfriend.

Keisha T. – MIssissippi


It’s perfectly fine to kiss with your Invisalign aligners. Most have no issues with it. Occassionally, I hear of a patient who said it took a little getting used to. That doesn’t mean you will.

Invisalign has one of the highest satisfaction rates.   One of the things I have noticed with teen patients sometimes  is forgetting  to put the aligner back on after meals.

It’s very effective, but only if you keep the aligners in for the amount of time required to wear them.

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Travel and Invisalign

I have an opportunity to leave the country for a month and a half in France. I’m about 4 weeks into my invisalign treatment. What do I do if I’m supposed to go to my dentist’s every two weeks for new aligners?

Mary Anne K. – Richmond, Va

Mary Anne,

It’s perfectly fine for you to travel as long as your Invisalign treatment is proceeding normally. Your dentist can simply provide you with the number of aligners you’ll need while you’re away.  Be sure he or she  clearly labels the order your aligners should be worn.

If you find you run into difficulty while you’re away contact your dentist and he can give you further instructions.

I’ll try not to be jealous of your trip.

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Bulimia and Teeth

I recently had a friend confide in me that she caught her daughter throwing up after a large meal. She became suspicious and started keeping an eye on her daughter’s eating habits. She was devastated to realize that her daughter was bulimic. It was such a surprise, because her daughter had always seemed happy and confident. Plus, she was very popular at school and had lots of friendships. We discussed ways to help her.

First, I wanted her to know that she needed to get her to the dentist as soon as possible. Most people think of going to the doctor for treatment, which is important, however a bulimic’s teeth get very damaged and need to be treated as well. This is especially important because it is generally self-esteem issues that lead to bulimic activity. As their teeth get more and more damaged it will negatively impact their body image.

The acid in the vomit will erode your teeth making them thin and damaged. Eventually, your teeth will become sensitive to hot and cold. This is because the tooth was eroded enough to expose the nerve. The damage isn’t noticeable at first because it is strongest in the back of your teeth.

A dentist treating a bulimic should provide some flouride, which will help decrease sensitivity and slow down decay. After vomiting, you want to rinse your mouth out with water as quickly as possible to help neutralize the acid. Do not brush your teeth right away, because that will grind the acid into your teeth. A dentist can tell you whether or not the patient will need dental crowns.

This blog is brought to you by Louisiana Cosmetic Dentist Dr. Mike Malone.