Does Botox Really Treat Migraines?

I want to get your opinion on something. My wife told me that her dentist suggested Botox to help with her migraines. Is that a legitimate thing? I get the feeling, he’s just finding a way to get patients to try his new money maker. My wife tends to believe anything that anyone with a medical degree tells her. I just want to make sure she’s not being taken for a ride.


Dear Dan,

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Believe it or not, Botox does help with migraines by relaxing the muscles that cause tension. In fact, Botox is not only used to help with the migraines, but it is becoming a way to help patients with TMJ Disorder as well, which we’ll get into more in a moment.

In this case, I think the dentist is just giving your wife some options to help with her headaches. Migraines can be debilitating so getting some relief will make life easier for the both of you.

The only thing I would be careful about is that the dentist has the training to do this. I doubt he’d be offering it if he didn’t, but you want to make sure.

Botox and TMJ Disorder

One thing I would look into in order to make certain she is getting the help she needs and not just having the symptoms masked is the root cause of her migraines. Many patients do not realize that migraines are a symptom of TMJ disorder. I would like to see her evaluated by a dentist with training in that area before she starts masking symptoms.

If that is the reason she is having migraines, it is better to treat the TMJ. Otherwise, her condition will progress and the treatment could end up more invasive than if you catch it early and head it off.

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